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Escape from Planet Earth is a 2013 Canadian-American 3D computer animated science fiction comedy film produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and distributed by The Weinstein Company. The film earned $74.6 million on a $40 million budget.


When famed hero, Scorch Supernova, is kidnapped, his nerdy brother Gary must save him on the Dark Planet (Earth) while meeting some new friends and enemies along the way.

Why It Sucks

  1. Boring and generic plot and script.
  2. Shanker is completely weak as a villain and it makes Lena look like the actual villain. He is also basically a humanized version of Grawl from Planet 51.
  3. The premise is such a blatant ripoff of Planet 51, except for the roles being switched over.
  4. A pointless and unnecessary romance between Shanker and Lena.
  5. So many plot holes. For example, when Gary first met the two humans they can't understand him, but when they try to find Scorch's ship and meet them, they can suddenly talk to them. Also, what happened to Lena after they went back to their home planet?
  6. There is plenty of obnoxious fart jokes and just bad jokes in general.
  7. The film's script has gone through several re-writes in production, and it shows.
  8. Lots of product placement like 7-Eleven or even Doc talking about Shanker with some photos like Google and Apple and even companies like Pixar.
  9. Scorch and Gabby's marriage at the end has no point of being in the film.
  10. Lots of filler. For example, there is a pointless couch gag scene where the prison aliens cause a food fight around the cafeteria.
  11. Lame action scenes that even the action scenes from Planet 51 looked better.
  12. Scorch is such an extremely annoying and unlikable jerk, as he really doesn't even care about his own brother.
  13. The alien designs are basically both the aliens from Planet 51 and the titular protagonist from MegamindGMW if they were mashed together.
  14. The imprisoned aliens barely do anything in the whole entire movie, making them really pointless.
  15. The whole aliens inventing technology things is an insult to the humans but humans are even dumber than we look.
  16. Lots of padding.
  17. The earlier production showed way more hideous animation than the final film.
  18. Lots of stupid cliched moments.
  19. The human designs look so weird and uncanny except for the main villain Shanker.
  20. The hazmat suit guys are a complete and unoriginal rip-off of the 2319 CDA hazmats from Monsters, Inc.GMW, which was far better than this.
  21. It overuses a lot of cartoon sound effects that feel out of place and unnecessary.
  22. A lot of laughable and unfunny lines. The most annoying and overused line is the catchphrase "Scorch Me Baby" which is so boring and pointless that it makes no sense whatsoever.
  23. It contains so many pop-culture references including locations like Area 51 and media like Close EncountersGMW and E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialGMW.
  24. False advertising: The city on the poster and DVD cover the characters are in never appears in the movie.
  25. Features a pointless cameo of Simon Cowell.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good animation.
  2. Good voice acting despite all the wasted talents.
  3. Great soundtrack and an also good musical score composed by Arion Zigman.
    • In particular, "Shooting Star" by Owl City is actually pretty good.
  4. One of the aliens is a nice nod to classic space aliens.
  5. Some funny moments here and there.

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