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Meet Dave is a 2008 science-fiction comedy film directed by Brian Robbins. It stars Eddie Murphy in dual roles.


A robot alien resembling an actual human crash-lands onto Earth and needs to help a little boy from his bullet situation, but it also needs to avoid the police officers that are out to get him.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot itself is generic and has been overdone, as it consists of an alien crash-landing onto Earth and avoiding police officers that are out to get him.
  2. The two characters that Murphy plays in this movie is uninteresting, especially compared to The Nutty Professor and even Norbit. Here, he plays the titular character, and the Captain, who is just Eddie Murphy but one is bigger and a robot, while the other is smaller and inside the robot.
  3. Product placements, such as Old Navy and the PlayStation 2.
  4. The way how Eddie Murphy moves when he plays Dave is awkward and stiff, but for some may make sense since he's a robot but still if in it's own right when he plays the Captain he's just himself.
  5. The production design inside of Dave's body looks pretty uninteresting, mainly as it looks cheap and extremely fake.
  6. Most of the jokes fall flat. For example, when the Captain first uses Dave's speaking-device, his voice is so highly pitched that it made blow up everything around him, which makes no sense. There's a scene where Dave poops coins.
  7. Some of the special effects are cheap-looking for example, the lightning bolts used on Dave in one scene look extremely fake.
  8. For some reason, no one notices that Dave is a robot, which is strange because in one scene he treats a toy toad like an enemy, which shows that he has no knowledge of humanity.
  9. When Dave is controlled by an evil captain it makes no sense what he wants to do, he wants to make the river of New York look more like Nil and make earthquakes and hurricanes to destroy the world, which it can't decide if it want's to be a sci-fi or disaster movie at the end and goes completely off tracks.
  10. The name inside the people living inside Dave are generic, for example The Captain, Number 1-8 and forward, which shows the laziness that must go on through the producers' minds.
  11. The bully situation for the little boy whom Dave tries to protect might've work better as a sub-plot.
  12. The opening scene does not to a really good job of trying to explain to people what kind of movie this may be or what it is about.
  13. A pointless romantic sub-plot between the Captain and Number 3.
  14. The movie never explains why the captain wanted to create a robot and go to earth, in fact the people inside Dave already look like humans.
  15. The relationship between the kid and his mother is very mean-spirited.
  16. Very choppy writing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movie does have some funny moments, like The Old Navy scene where Dave greets everyone who is there.
  2. Passable acting.
  3. While cheap, some of the special effects are fine.
  4. The villains have an interesting plan to take control of Dave, although it did not made sense.
  5. The ending wasn't too bad.
  6. The kid does try his best to prove everyone that Dave is a nice guy.
  7. The soundtrack is decent at best.


The movie holds a 20% rating on Rotten TomatoesRWW.


  1. A few comedians made fun of this movie and pointed out that it would be better as a direct-to-video movie.

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