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Planet 51
Genre: Sci-Fi
Photography: Color
Running Time: 91 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 20, 2009
Directed by: Jorge Blanco
Written by: Joe Stillman
Distributed by: TriStar Pictures
Starring: Dwayne Johnson
Jessica Biel
Justin Long
Gary Oldman
Seann William Scott
John Cleese

Planet 51 is a 2009 Spanish-American-British-movie 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy film directed by Jorge Blanco, written by Joe Stillman.


On Planet 51, When astronaut Capt. Charles "Chuck" Baker lands on Planet 51, he thinks he is the first life form to set foot there. He gets the surprise of his life when he learns that it is inhabited by little green people who live in an idyllic version of 1950s America -- complete with a universal fear of alien invasion.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfunny and weak humor.
  2. Awkward character designs, except for Chuck.
  3. Unoriginal and pointless plot.
  4. Misleading poster: In the film's poster (as seen above), it shows that Chuck Baker is the main character, but he's actually a side-character while Lem is actually the main character.
  5. Generic teen story for Lem.
  6. Some pop culture jokes.
  7. In some scenes, some of the characters don't move at all.
  8. Every background character has the same walking animation, which is lazy.
  9. Wastes the talents of Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Jessica Biel, Gary Oldman, and others who were involved in this film.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent animation.
  2. Good voice acting, despite talents being wasted.
  3. Some funny moments here and there.
  4. The ending isn't too bad.
  5. Great soundtrack, especially for using 50s music.
  6. Rover is a funny and cute character.
  7. The concept is somewhat interesting.


On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 22% based on 108 reviews with an average score of 4.2/10. The critic consensus reads: "Planet 51 squanders an interesting premise with an overly familiar storyline, stock characters, and humor that alternates between curious and potentially offensive." On Metacritic, the film has weighted an average score of 39 out of 100, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews." On IMDb, the average score of 6/10.

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5 months ago
Score 1
I remember seeing the movie in theaters and having a McDonalds toy of Rover.


5 months ago
Score 3
I like this movie.


5 months ago
Score 0
Me too, I thought It was great, my favorite part was an iPod one.

Mr. Dready

3 months ago
Score 1
I gotta agree, with you, and i also like this movie.

Mr. Dready

3 months ago
Score 1
And i even like it's Tie-In Video game.


3 months ago
Score 1
This is just E.T. but the roles are reversed.


one month ago
Score 0
Dwayne Johnson deserves better

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