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The Hot Chick is one of many Happy Madison productions that tainted Rob Schneider's career. During the film release, the film had received negative reviews and caused people to show hatred for Rob after he released similar films in the theaters.


A freak mishap causes a teenage girl named Jessica Spencer and a criminal mastermind Clive Maxtone to switch bodies.

Why it Sucks

  1. The male version of Jessica is basically a poor man's Mr. Bean.
  2. Product placement from Cartoon Network, Sanrio, Disney, Hasbro, Care Bears, Raggity Anne and among others.
  3. One of the characters is named Booger. Who would name their kid that?!
  4. Rob constantly screams (and none of it is funny).
  5. A reference to Rob's other movie The Animal happened when male Jessica puts leaves in his/her mouth.
  6. Every SINGLE character in this movie is an idiot, which brings Roger Ebert to say "Everyone's too stupid to be in a movie".
  7. The Bee mascot design is creepy and uncanny.
  8. Rob pole dances.
  9. Massive amounts of gross out and BLOODY D*CK JOKES!
  10. During a phone call with male Jessica and Billy, Billy brings up a name of a "church minister" which is an offensive stereotype.

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