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The Lorax is a 2012 animated film based on the classic book of the same name.


Bad Qualities

  1. The movie goes against the original book by turning the story into a light-hearted film with comedy elements instead of a dark and interesting tale with a good message like the original book and Friz Freleng special.
  2. Pointless subplot involving Ted and his attempt to impress Audrey which is hardly seen due to the fact that the Lorax flashback takes up a good chunk of the film.
  3. O'Hare is a weak and overly cartoony villain. On top of this, none of the stuff involving him was necessary and only exists so the writers could find an excuse to make the book into a film.
  4. Incorrect casting choices: Both Ted and Audrey (the latter of whom is voiced by Taylor Swift of all people) are miscast as they sound way too old for their ages.
  5. Hypocritical message: The film has messages about how greed is bad and how protecting the environment is good yet the film has 70+ advertising materials attached to it including polluting cars and disposable diapers.
  6. All of the forest animals are made into obnoxious Minions-like comic reliefs, which once again goes against what the book was trying to convey.
  7. Similar to other Illumination films, the characters are cliched: Ted is a generic boy who falls for a girl and tries to impress her and Audrey is a stale as bread love interest.
  8. The film's portrayal of the Once-Ler. Here, he's an obnoxious, loud pretty boy which once again goes against the original tone of the book since the Once-Ler was meant to be mysterious and foreboding. His song is also ironically a depiction of the studio's greed.
  9. The Once-Ler's family are unlikeable, they didn't care about the Once-Ler until he became rich, then later in the film when his company went bankrupt, they abandoned the Once-Ler and took his money and were never seen again in the film after that.
  10. The Lorax is an absolute joke in the movie, as he's made into a pointless comic character like the other animals.
  11. Unnecessary pop culture references like how the Once-Ler mentioned Donkey Kong.

Good Qualities

  1. "Let it Grow" is admittedly catchy.
  2. The animation is good.
  3. Despite Ted and Audrey being miscast, the voice acting is at least decent.
  4. Some good funny moments here and there.



This film was the first to use the current Universal Pictures logo.



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