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Woody Woodpecker
Genre: Comedy
Photography: Color
Running Time: 91 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: October 5, 2017 (Brazil)
February 6, 2018 (United States)
Directed by: Alex Zamm
Written by: William Robertson
Alex Zamm
Distributed by: Universal 1440 Entertainment
Starring: Eric Bauza
Timothy Omundson
Jakob Davies
Thaila Ayala
Graham Verchere
Jordana Largy
Emily Holmes

Woody Woodpecker (also known as Pica-Pau in Brazil) is a live-action/CGI animated film produced by Universal Animation Studios which premiered on October 5, 2017 in Brazilian cinemas. The film was directed by Alex Zamm, written by Dave Krinsky and John Altschuler. It was theatrically released in Brazil on October 5, 2017 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the USA on February 6, 2018 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.


The playful and mischievous Woody is caught up in yet another of his amusing fights by territory, and this time the enemies are the con artist Lance Walters (Timothy Omundson) and his girlfriend Brittany (Thaila Ayala). They are determined to build their big dream home but, for that, they need to bring down Woody's house, which promises not to be cheap.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is yet another live-action movie based on a cartoon.
  2. Woody is depicted from a mischievous, zany, crazy woodpecker into an annoying sadistic creature who annoys and tortures the family.
  3. Horrendous and out-of-place animation that sounds unbelievable for a Universal movie and looks like it came from 2005. To begin with, Woody has speech out-of-sync. When he flies, he seems to stretch strangely like chewing gum, and feathers often enter inside the character's head. Not to mention the animation that has been reused countless times. In a scene from the movie, when Woody is poking Lance Walters in his bed at night, it looks like a Photoshop clipping too light for the scene, giving a very amateur touch to the animation. And besides, not only does Woody fly, but floats in the air without flapping his wings!
  4. The actors do not even look at Woody, making ridiculous improvisations, such as looking at the horizon or the mountains on the stage. Are they somehow blind to use their own eyeballs to see Woody or something?
  5. Woody's personality has changed radically. He is completely crazy and cheery as if it were a combination of his first version with SpongeBob SquarePantsBTSW or something.
    • Even worse, his voice actor sounds like he's talking into a microphone that's decades old.
  6. Thaila Ayala shrinks in this movie for some reason.
  7. An annoying and cliché storyline that basically rips off numerous of better films.
  8. There is no good comedy or humor in this film, which is unacceptable because Woody WoodpeckerBTSW is meant to be a comedic franchise.
  9. It is completely forgettable due to its predictable, stupid, cheap and rather cliché story. Even the characters try to be "modernly", using electronic gadgets, outdated slang and bad marks, as well as references to pop culture in ways where it just doesn't work like that in movies like this.
  10. The movie has a horrid message about family and the environment. In one scene, Lance is LITERALLY bribing Woody for a plate of peanut butter biscuit, doing the same to let the building finish and knock down the forest, which is revolting and senseless, and automatically cancels the lesson about tree felling. Even Woody says he "left them alone because they paid him," which can be a really bad influence for children.
  11. Bizarre, nonsensical, frustrating, annoying, cringeworthy, stupid, and disgusting humor that has never been funny to begin with. In addition, none of the series' jokes appear in the movie.
    • Woody farts out his signature laugh, poops on a guy's chocolate ice cream and the guy eats it (which, when he does, Woody is disgusted), and poops on Lance's girlfriend. Gross! How is any of that funny?
    • Woody strips two underage boys to their underwear and threatens to go further. This is supposed to be meant as comedy, but ends up being super pedophilish and highly inappropriate. Seriously, why would you even show this to kids? This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the film wasn't given a PG rating.
  12. Horrible grasp of the original source material; if Ben Bugs Hardway and Walter Lantz were still alive today as they were back when they first created Woody WoodpeckerGCW and Bugs BunnyGCW, and if they saw this movie, they would possibly not at all take it well. It's pretty much them rolling in their graves. Think about it, folks.
    • Speaking of Walter Lantz, why don't any of the other characters that he created, like Wally Walrus, Chilly Willy and Andy Panda, appear in it?
  13. Misleading title: Despite being Woody Woodpecker, there's very little woody-ness.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At the end of the credits, we actually get to see the cartoon that inspired this film.
  2. The cover of Surfin' Bird and Troublemaker is decent.
  3. Eric Bauza did a very good job voicing Woody Woodpecker.
  4. The 2018 YouTube webseries that was released after the movie in December 2018 was a huge improvement.


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